This is a time-lapse video of birds in mybackyard using a cheap security camera then filtered with sepia tone.

Time-lapse stock footage of clouds on a relatively clear day. The first video is somewhat overexposed; although it's not useful as a video of actual clouds, it might be useful for texture. The second video is of a few sparse clouds.

sink dishes washing

Did an Industrial Night HDR (High Dynamic Range) Time Lapse shot the other day. What I love is I mistakenly balanced a night shot with daylight settings and got the orange tungsten glow you see here. It made the smoke look like the building was on fire. Neat litte look ... unintentionally.

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time-lapse clouds with sounds of birds in the background

Time-lapse stock footage of clouds in a brewing rainstorm, captured on April 1, 2006.

Time-lapse stock footage of clouds in a brewing rainstorm (that never materialized, unfortunately), captured on April 1, 2006. Two versions of the footage are provided -- 2.5 minutes, and one sped up to 10 seconds. Be aware that the video does have some noticeable horizontal lines. This just an artifact of the camera's CCD. The footage has been color-corrected to cut through the haze, and each frame is a blend of 10 frames, to limit the picture noise.

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