Vitsippa - Anemone nemorosa - is a spring flower characteristic of Northern Europe. The same goes for the bird song. Stockholm in May 2007.

Early spring at Skansen Zoo in Stockholm. A seal is resting on a rock and seems to enjoy the weak sun.

Details from a hillock, intended for effects or anything. Filmed in September 2007 south of Stockholm.

A building is being raised in a Stockholm suburb. These four clips show about two minutes of the work one morning in October 2007.

Exercises in filming architecture and townscapes in April 2007: 1. Maria church and churchyard at Södermalm (17th-18th centuries) 2. Riddarholmskyrkan at Riddarholmen - close up view (medieval) 3. Skeppsholmskyrkan and the statue of Gustaf III from Slottsbacken (1820s)

Blåklockor - Bluebells a sunny and windy day in July 2007.

Scenes from Stockholm shot some blue afternoons in the winter 2005 with a digital camera.

Uppsala by the Fyris river a cloudy day in Maj 2007. The clips show: 1. The cathedral seen from the Old Square. 2. Academy mill, now museum. The building appears as the bishop's residence in Ingmar Bergman's "Fanny and Alexander" (1982) and horrible events occur in the stream below. 3-4. Fyris, streaming water 5. The cathedral and the consistory.

Essingebron (Essinge Bridge) and Tranebergsbron (Traneberg Bridge) a cloudy day in September 2007. From Essingebron is heard the sound of heavy traffic and a part of the city centre is seen in the background.

The kind review by Bridgewater Video of my "Suburban Skies" gave me the courage to upload some more time lapsed skies: 1. Birch tree and rooftops 2. Night


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