Early spring at Skansen Zoo in Stockholm. A seal is resting on a rock and seems to enjoy the weak sun.

Water lilies, filmed in Stockholm in July 2007.

Going down and up Katarinahissen (the Katarina Lift) in Stockholm. This was inspired by the Lumière panorama from the Eiffel Tower in 1898 ( There's a similar movie from Katarinahissen in the early 20th century as well. October 2007.

Scenes from Stockholm shot some blue afternoons in the winter 2005 with a digital camera.

Essingebron (Essinge Bridge) and Tranebergsbron (Traneberg Bridge) a cloudy day in September 2007. From Essingebron is heard the sound of heavy traffic and a part of the city centre is seen in the background.

The kind review by Bridgewater Video of my "Suburban Skies" gave me the courage to upload some more time lapsed skies: 1. Birch tree and rooftops 2. Night

These Stockholm panoramas are exercises in filming townscapes in widescreen. They were shot from Katarinahissen (the Katarina lift) by Slussen in October 2007.

The building under construction in "Suburban Skies" is slowly rising. This clip was shot with time lapse by night when the building is lit up.

Gullmarsplan subway station, Stockholm, in September 2007. The footage is a little shaky.

A small collection of animals common in cities. Filmed in April 2007: 1. A wasp on the curtain (before I opened the window and it flew out) 2. A crow on a subway platform 3. Bears and (only hearable) viewers at Skansen Zoo, Stockholm


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