The Magic Of The Atom, No. 031, Atomic Energy For Space.

If you thought the Atlanta Aquarium was great, you have not seen anything yet. This smaller aquarium is considered by many to be one of the best Aquariums in the USA. See Tiger Sharks, Manta Rays, EELS, Jellyfish, Piranha, and lots of other varieties of slat and Freshwater creatures, Also at this Aquarium at the time this footage was recorded, see the Mars Rover. That is Right the Mars rover! Lots of fun, and a great learning experience. This vacation video was filmed in June of 2007. Originally the video and sound was going to be edited before publishing.

This 28-minute film produced in 1971 (part of the Army's "Big Picture" series) spotlights the Army's contribution to the space program and its underwater salvage operations. Of interest to this installation is archival footage of early space missions, footage of Dr. Von Braun and MG Medaris.

This film is about a team with a goal of destroying the dark lord, Lord Darkness, from destruction of earth. (What a steriotypical space movie)

Budget animation at its best/worst.

Classic sci-fi from 1961. A rocket crashes on an invisible planet during an investigation. The surviving astronaut encounters a race of miniature people: the women are VERY interested! The low budget belies the fact films like this were thematically the precursor to modern sci-fi.


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