Crocus shoots popping up through snow cover in early spring.

Four horse drawn fire engines roar up a snow-covered Newark, New Jersey, street while spectators wat h from the sidelines. (1896) Partially restored.

Life in the 50's with the Glasco Family. One of the fun things to do back in the 8mm days was to get the family together and watch your Home Movies. One of the un-fun things to do was watch someone else's.... Note: The white cap I am wearing was because of ringworm of the scalp. Back then they put white adhesive tape on my head and ripped all my hair out by the roots. And yes, it did hurt very, very much. This process was repeated several times. January 2012 -- Much to my surprise this film has been used in 4 music videos all from Europe. All four video's are on Youtube.

Shot of a ranch house with lightly falling snow.

An early spring snowstorm hits when trees are already budded.

Skaters frolic on the lake in Central Park, New York City, in the midst of a snowstorm.

1950's Russian animation about a rabbit. Directed by L. Amalrik. Dubbed into English.

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