The original French title is Le Merveilleux éventail vivant. IMDb Page

This is an Army Air Corps recruitment short in which James Stewart, after a year in the service, addresses the public to sell them on joining.

mrs kennedy tries to convince Edgar that he would make a good father

You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

an Edgar kennedy short comedy= Edgar and his family buy and run a department store

Irene tells edgar never to loose his temper again,or else.Mother and brother in law do what they can to get Irene to leave him

The original French title is Excursion dans la lune. IMDb Page

Military training film on the characteristics, capabilities, weaknesses, and recognition of the World War II Japanese fighter aircraft, Mitsubishi A6M Rei Shiki Kanjo Sento Ki, known as the Zero.

Marijuana (1968) is a short film that is hosted by Sonny Bono who does a lot of preaching and signify about how marijuana is illegal and you kids shouldn't try it. This is interesting considering Mr. Bono looks like he smoked a few bowls before appearing in front of the camera.

"The Bangville Police" is a 1913 comedy short starring Mabel Normand and the Keystone Cops (Fred Mace, Raymond Hatton, Edgar Kennedy, Ford Sterling, and Al St. John). The film, notable for being regarded as the seminal Keystone Cops short, was directed by Henry Lehrman. (


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