From today's menu, I recommend Capitalism or Cannibalism; Communism is off. Our Catholicism is rather good, though; it comes with a liberal sauce or tourist topping. This is our pre-theatre-of-poverty menu. Meanwhile, The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow grows over-rapidly large on a forced steroidal diet. Elsewhere, the cousins of The Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow pluck and hack in feathered ecstasy over the carcass of a chicken too careless crossing the road.

Video: Duck and Cover- the famous (or infamous) US gov commissioned film from 1951 which (amongst other things) demonstrates how to survive a nuclear bomb by using a newspaper for protection. There's also a cartoon turtle. Video from the Preliger Archive Collection.

Starting with a Prelinger archive movie, I made a still, added some of the digital pictures I took that day,then played with every effect in my editing software (VideomagixDeluxe 2.0), and repeated and mixed one phrase over and over to it.

prelinger_mashups: dancers from the prelinger archives doing their jobs

A commercial advocating drug use by mocking old anti-drug PSAs

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