Police patrol

National Archives Description: "DRAMATIZED TRAINING FILM: Shows how officers may or may not enter premises with or without a search warrant and illustrates effects of violation of rules, elements of compliance, and conditions of breaking and non-application of rules." National Archives Identifier: 12139 Part 2 is here: FORCIBLE ENTRY: EXCUSE AND TRICKERY. Part Two (1974)

"TRAINING FILM: Emphasizes proper police procedures. Opens with a briefing at Sheriff's office. Hold-up of liquor store and cashier shot. Two officers shot in street responding to call of armed suspect seen. Shows correct way to make felony car stop; to give radio warning of armed suspect. Encourages officers to follow proper procedures and there by reduce probability of accidents."
National Archives Identifier: 12118

1960's "DRAMATIZED TRAINING FILM: Criminals use store fronts and telephones to cover up illegal gambling operations. Demonstrates how police setup stakeouts and undercover operations to stop bookmaking, numbers running operations, off track betting on horse races and betting on other sporting events, dice games, and other types of illegal gambling." National Archives Identifier: 12111

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