Oliver Hardy

spanish version of "blotto" laural and hardy go to a night club with a bottle of liquor that stan swiped from his wife. stans wife is wised up to stans scheme, so she empties the liquor and replaces it with hot sauses and cold tea. at the night club stan and oliver proceed to get wasted and watch the entertainment- a female impersonater and 2 hootchie coochie dancers.this version contains about 15 minutes of footage not in the american version

A harried propman (Larry Semon) backstage at a theater must put up with malfunctioning wind machines, roosters that spit nitroglycerine, and a gang planning to rob the theater's payroll.

A paper hanger and his assistant make mistakes when attempting to do a job in a sanatarium.

Stick Around is a 1925 American silent comedy film directed by Ward Hayes and starring Oliver Hardy.

Bobby Ray - Paperhanger's Helper
Oliver Hardy - Paperhanger (as Babe Hardy)
Hazel Newman - Nurse Zenia Zane
Harry McCoy - Dr. Brown

Larry Semon's 1925 film of The Wizard Of Oz. Features Oliver Hardy.

This got famous for the most expensive short silent comedy that was ever produced. A bumbling sawmill employee (Larry Semon) tries to win the hand of the owner's daughter (Ann Hastings) while staying out of the clutches of the mill's bullying foreman (Oliver Hardy).

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