musical shorts

A highly entertaining all-black musical short starring Ethel Waters, and prominently featuring eight-year-old Sammy Davis, Jr. in his first screen appearance. The little guy really gives it his all. Good production values and tight direction. The high-energy production-number finale is a real show stopper. Released in 1933, so expect overt racism. It is what it was, but don't let this stop you from enjoying the outstanding performances in this surprising little film. Complete print. Excellent video and audio.

A musical war bond drive promotional short, which actually was produced and released after the end of WW2. You will notice war bonds are now called "victory bonds." Appearances by Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Alan Ladd, Humphrey Bogart, Betty Hutton and others.

A musical short featuring many young performers, some of them quite talented -- others not so much. Did any of these kids move on to show biz success? It would be interesting to google the cast list to find out.

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