Lloyd Bridges stars as secret agent X-9, in this series that is based on a comic strip. Released in 1945, the action takes place in 1943, during WWII. There's no real secret to this agent, everyone on Shadow Island calls him "X-9," and knows he is an agent for the United States. Shadow Island is neutral, and the Japanese agents are also known. There is one person that is truly undercover, and another that is kept a secret, until the final chapter. X-9 wants whatever the Japanese are after; but doesn't know it's a formula for turning distilled water into aviation fuel.

This is the same movie serial, posted elsewhere on this sight. I cleaned up the audio and corrected the synchronization, as needed. This is also my first contribution to this website. I hope that some of the folks who were disappointed with the quality of earlier versions will find their way to these and enjoy them.

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