Wanted to get a few more Halloween themed clips up here before it gets too close to the holiday.

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This is Clip 1 from the Fifth Archive release of our stock footage. This clip is a Series of Halloween Backdrops or Title Cards. Since this is the first Release from my Halloween Collection, I am including a few minutes of a song that I created several years ago as a salute to Halloween. This footage and music is from my personal collection. I have tried to organize these clips with titles and countdowns so they are easier to use. COMMENT: I am releasing these Stock footage Clips for free so that editors who can't afford footage will have access.

Noisy and grainy stock video footage (home movies) shot with Nikon camera except for the video of me burying a dead possum in the neighbors yard, that was shot on a child's video camera (at least it records in AVI instead of this crappy elitist MOV format that none of my editing software recognizes).

Ub Iwerks Cartoon, 1934. The story from Washington Irving


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