I managed to capture this time lapse the other day on my quest to film what I call "Toy Story" clouds. While I believe I got the right conditions, the interval of 1 second between shots seemed too long considering how fast the clouds were moving. I plan on taking advantage of Magic Lantern's FPS override feature next time to try to get a much more slower, fluid, dreamy like movement. The only downside is that I will lose the RAW imaging flexibility I get from doing stills. We'll have to see how far my ND filters and polarizers can balance things.

Time-lapse stock footage of clouds in a brewing rainstorm, captured on April 1, 2006.

Time-lapse stock footage of clouds in a brewing rainstorm (that never materialized, unfortunately), captured on April 1, 2006. Two versions of the footage are provided -- 2.5 minutes, and one sped up to 10 seconds. Be aware that the video does have some noticeable horizontal lines. This just an artifact of the camera's CCD. The footage has been color-corrected to cut through the haze, and each frame is a blend of 10 frames, to limit the picture noise.

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