Two layers of clouds move acorss the screen. The first are fair weather cumulus boiling from right to left. The second layer are high cirius clouds moving toward the camera.

The title says it all.

Animation of sun coming out from behind a large cloud formation over mountains.

The title says it all.

The title says it all.

Thick clouds move away from camera.

I went out and shot this for a project I was putting together for someone. Why is it that i always have to challenge myself with water? I really learned a lot when playing with three different moving planes (Clouds, Lake and River) during an HDR time lapse shoot. I also love the detail that I was able to bring out in the sand.

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Clouds with long shadows pass behind a ancient elm on a hillside.

Clip begins with a dull gray morning sky. Then it gradually reddens as the first light from the sun breaks through.


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