Classic TV

Victory At Sea ep 02 The Pacific Boils Over

Episode of the classic TV series "The Morey Amsterdam Show", Also featuring Art Carney. This episode features a comedy song sung by Morey Amsterdam, A comedic dance number, a young lady singing a song called "Stay With the Happy People", a sketch about Television, and a parody of ballet. This copy is missing some footage and is in bad shape. Morey Amsterdam later appeared as a regular on "The Dick Van Dyke Show".

The Big Cast from the 1950's series Dragnet.

Final episode of Colgate Comedy Hour hosted by Martin and Lewis, features a very politically incorrect parody of Japanese movies. Washed out which can make some of the subtitles hard to read. Season 6, Episode 7 (1955)

Victory At Sea ep 01 Design for War

Ep 05 Treasure Ship from the 1961 series Diver Dan

Season 10 episode #324 Lonesome Parents from March 15, 1962.

Ozzie and Harriet ep The Pancake Mix

Victory At Sea ep 06 Guadalcanal

I Married Joan EP 11 Wall Safe


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