Classic TV

Ozzie and Harriet ep The Traffic Signal

The Gene Autry Show ep 1x08 Doublecross Valley

Victory At Sea ep 07 Rings Around Rabaul

The Big Lift from the 1950's series Dragnet

Victory At Sea ep 10 Beneath The Southern Cross

The Big Frame from the 1950's series Dragnet

This is the final episode of the one and only season of the original Flash Gordon television series from the 1950's. In this episode Flash learns that the survivors of the underworld kingdom that he thought he had destroyed in episode 35, "The Earth's Core," seek revenge on the "surface people.

Ozzie and Harriet ep The Tuba Incident

'The Beulah Show' was the first TV series to feature an African American woman in the lead role. This episode is called "The Waltz". The show starred Hattie McDaniel. It's commonly believed that most episodes of this show were destroyed. The show was controversial for claims of "racial stereotyping", though to be honest, I could think of plenty of shows that did the same thing years later without complaint.

Episode of the forgotten classic TV series "The Dennis O'Keefe Show". This is 50's TV at it's most generic. (previously mis-titled as "counterfeiters")


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