Classic TV

The Gene Autry Show ep 1x07 Blackwater Valley Feud

The Cisco Kid ep The Phoney Heiress

The Cisco Kid ep Water Rights

The Big False Make from the 1950's series Dragnet

Goofy 1964 propaganda film promoting Payroll Savings, Featuring a cameo by Mr Ed. Corny, But still better than today's propaganda films.

The Cisco Kid ep Stolen Bonds

In "I'm a Fool", James Dean plays "The Boy" aka "Walter Mathers" alongside Eddie Albert's on-screen narration of the same character. Natalie Wood appears in this "Fool", cast as the young woman Dean falls in love with.

The Cisco Kid ep Quicksilver Murder

The Cisco Kid ep Uncle Disinherits Niece

"Pom Pom and the Toys" The Very first episode of the Gerry Anderson series, about a boy with a battery inside him and a lamp in his head. This episode deals with Torchy's creation by Mr.Bumbledrop. Mr Bumbledrop creates Torchy to find the children's lost toys and his dog, Pom-Pom. Torchy has a special beam, but he must recite special words to use it. Gerry Anderson would later create series such as Supercar, Fireball XL-5 and of course, Thunderbirds. Network: ITV Year: 1958


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