Boris Karloff

A widescreen version of the well known Roger Corman classic.

Mad scientist creates an experimental serum. Mystic Nights Videos

better resolution and 12 minutes longer than the previously uploaded version. Written by Rupert Downing (adaptation), Leonard Hines (play)

The Ghoul is a 1933 British Horror film starring Boris Karloff, Cedric Hardwicke, Ernest Thesiger and Ralph Richardson, whose debut film this was. The plot centres around a Professor (Karloff) who is to be buried with an Egyptian jewel in order to attain eternal life. When the jewel is stolen by his servant, the professor rises from the dead to reclaim it. The film, based on the play and novel by Dr. Frank King and Leonard J. Hines, was once considered to be a lost film since the original nitrate negative had succumbed to decomposition and no prints of the film were known to exist.

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