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Zwenigora (Звенигора)


Alexander Dovzhenko,1928. Soviet Union

Zvenigora () is a 1928 Soviet silent film by Ukrainian director Alexander Dovzhenko, first shown on April&nbsp;13, 1928.< name="comm"></> This was the fourth film by Dovzhenko, but the first one which was widely noticed and discussed in the media. This was also the last film by Dovzhenko where he was not the sole scriptwriter. The script was originally written by Maike Johansen and Yurko Tyutyunnyk, however, eventually, Dovzhenko strongly modified the script himself and took the names of Johansen and Tyutyunnyk off the film.</>
At the time of release, the film was noticed by the media, but generally regarded as not conforming with the Soviet style esthetics. In 1927, even before the release, the Kino newspaper sharply criticized the screenplay calling it "bourgeoise" and "nationalistic".< name="comm"/>

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