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Wives under Suspicion


A prosecuting attorney treats every homicide case as first degree murder and uses miniature replicas of human skulls to tally the death sentences that he garners. Then he himself is beset by the urge to murder. An above-average public domain film from Universal Pictures.

Wives Under Suspicion (1938 in film) is a film directed by James Whale, starring Warren William, Gail Patrick, Ralph Morgan, and Constance Moore, and released by Universal Pictures. In 1966, the film entered the List of films in the public domain in the United States due to the Universal Pictures failure to renew its copyright registration in the 28th year after publication.<></>


A district attorney (William) realizes that his own wife (Patrick) might be having an affair while he is prosecuting a cuckolded murderer.

Earlier version

Wives Under Suspicion is a remake of a film also directed by Whale, The Kiss Before the Mirror (1933). Ralph Morgan, brother of Frank Morgan, who plays the prosecutor in The Kiss Before the Mirror, appears in the remake.


  • Warren William as District Attorney Jim Stowell
  • Gail Patrick as Lucy Stowell
  • Constance Moore as Elizabeth
  • William Lundigan as Phil
  • Ralph Morgan as Professor Shaw MacAllen
  • Cecil Cunningham as "Sharpy"
  • Samuel S. Hinds as David Marrow
  • Milburn Stone as Eddie Kirk
  • Lillian Yarbo as Creola
  • Jonathan Hale as Dan Allison

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