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When's Your Birthday?


Dustin Willoughby (Joe E. Brown) a prizefighter and a strong believer in horoscopes/astrology wins only when his astrological signs are just right, a talent he also uses to pick winning horses.

Although there is an onscreen copyright statement, the movie is not listed in the copyright registry.

When's Your Birthday? (1937 in film) is an American film directed by Harry Beaumont. While original prints of this film had a cartoon sequence in Technicolor directed by Bob Clampett and Leon Schlesinger, most prints (including the Internet Archive) have the sequence in black-and-white.

Plot summary

Dustin Willoughby (Joe E. Brown) is a prizefighter and believer in astrology, who only wins when the stars are in alignment.


  • Joe E. Brown - Dustin Willoughby
  • Marian Marsh - Jerry Grant
  • Fred Keating - Larry Burke
  • Edgar Kennedy - Mr. Henry Basscombe
  • Maude Eburne - Mrs. Fanny Basscombe
  • Suzanne Kaaren - Diane Basscombe
  • Margaret Hamilton - Mossy - the Maid
  • Minor Watson - James J. Regan
  • Frank Jenks - Lefty - Regan's Henchman
  • Don Rowan - Steve - Regan's Henchman
  • Granville Bates - Judge O'Day
  • Charles Judels - Acropolis, the Headwaiter
  • Corky - Zodiac, the Dog


  • "Toreador Song" from Carmen by Georges Bizet
  • William Tell Overture by Gioachino Rossini
  • Happy Birthday to You by Mildred J. Hill and Patty Hill
  • Ruth Robin with Manny Harmon and His Orchestra – I Love You from Coast to Coast, music and lyrics by Albert Stillman, Alex Hyde and Basil Adlam
  • Sobre las Olas (Over the Waves) by Juventino Rosas
  • Stars and Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa
  • When the Moon Comes over the Mountain, music and lyrics by Kate Smith, Howard Johnson (lyricist) and Harry M. Woods

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