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Thexus - The Last Man


"Through the history of mankind, the times most recorded in mythology and song are those of great deed and fantastic adventures. Such a tale is the story of, "Thexus - The Last Man." Rynado warrior Thexus is called upon by the mystical spirits of the Cas'Lu forest to find an ancient artifact known as the Dragon's Tear. Forged from the bones of an evil king and boiled in blood, the magical idol would render the man who possesses it invincible. But, beyond the realms of the forest, a savage murder is committed by an evil Vanir Raider named Veldar. He is also on a quest to find the Dragon's Tear, but for a sinister purpose. He wants its powers to free the spirits of evil from their hellish confines so that he can rule the world. But, before he can claim control, he much find the Dragon's Tear and face Thexus." This is actually an "experimental" film. The experiment? Shoot a fantasy movie in 8 hours with no script, no crew, a video camera, no microphone and no more than 5 actors. It was quite a challenge but, for the challenge that was laid down, the film actually came out quite good. Granted, it will never win an award and the ending battle is pretty pathetic, but what are you going to do? The story had to be built in the editing room. No pick up shots were allowed. A definate challenge.


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