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The Yesterday Machine


From IMDB: A Nazi scientist invents a time machine enabling him to alter the events of WWII.

The Yesterday Machine is a 1963 American film written, directed and produced by Russ Marker and featuring Tim Holt, James Britton, Jack Herman, Ann Pellegrino and Robert Bob Kelly.<>.</>


A Nazi scientist invents a time machine to go back to alter the outcome of WWII.


  • Tim Holt as Police Lt. Partane
  • James Britton as Jim Crandall
  • Jack Herman as Professor Ernest Von Hauser
  • Ann Pellegrino as Sandy De Mar
  • Robert Bob Kelly as Detective Lasky
  • Linda Jenkins as Margie De Mar
  • Carol Gilley as Blonde Nurse
  • Jay Ramsey as Howie Ellison
  • Bill Thurman as Police detective
  • Charles Young as Detective Wilson D. Blake
  • Olga Powell as Didiyama
  • Ramon Lence Legar as Ramon


=Critical response=

Critic Paul Gaita panned the film. He wrote, "The camp value of this off-kilter science fiction effort from Texas-based low-budget filmmaker Russ Marker is seriously undermined by a dreary pace, comparable to a period educational film. This analogy reaches a terminal point when, late in the film, the scientist pulls out a chalkboard and begins drawing diagrams to help the captured reporter understand the workings of his machine and time travel in general. Holt, light years from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (film) and even The Monster That Challenged the World, would take a step further down the exploitation evolutionary scale with his next and final film, Herschell Gordon Lewis' dreadful hillbilly satire This Stuff'll Kill Ya!"

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