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The Unchastened Woman


The Unchastened Woman is a 1925 American silent drama film starring vamp Theda Bara, directed by James Young, the former husband of Clara Kimball Young, and released by start-up studio Chadwick Pictures. The film is based on a 1915 Broadway play, The Unchastened Woman, which starred Emily Stevens.

This was Bara's "comeback" film and as it turned out her final feature appearance and is one of her few surviving films. The play was also filmed in 1918 with Grace Valentine.

Theda Bara as Caroline Knollys
Wyndham Standing as Hubert Knollys
Dale Fuller as Hildegarde Sanbury
John Miljan as Lawrence Sanbury
Harry Northrup as Michael Krellin
Eileen Percy as Emily Madden
Mayme Kelso as Susan Ambie
Dot Farley
Kate Price
Eric Mayne
Frederick Ko Vert
Tetsu Komai

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