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The Trail Beyond


Rod Drew (John Wayne) has been sent to find a missing miner (Noah Beery Sr) and his daughter (Verna Hillie). He is joined by old friend Wabi (Noah Beery Jr.) whom he has to rescue from card cheats that framed him for murder. Later they find a skeleton and a map to a mine.

The Trail Beyond is a 1934 Western (genre) film starring John Wayne, Noah Beery, Sr., and Noah Beery, Jr.. It was based on the novel The Wolf Hunters (novel) by James Oliver Curwood which was also adapted as a silent film The Wolf Hunters (1926 film) (1926) and a later sound film The Wolf Hunters (1949 film) (1949).
This film presents an extremely rare opportunity to see Wallace Beery's brother and nephew appear together in a movie. Noah Beery, Jr., who played "Rocky" in The Rockford Files forty years later, has an extremely large role as John Wayne's character's best friend and appears alongside Wayne in almost every scene, while the senior Beery enjoys only a few minutes of screen time despite his higher billing. Wayne was 27 years old when The Trail Beyond was shot, while Beery, Jr. was 21.
Stunning location backgrounds filmed around Mammoth Lakes, California set this film firmly apart from most of the other Poverty Row westerns shot during the decade in which Wayne found himself trapped between his screen masterpieces The Big Trail (1930) and Stagecoach (1939 film) (1939).


  • John Wayne as Rod Drew
  • Verna Hillie as Felice Newsome
  • Noah Beery, Sr. as George Newsome
  • Noah Beery, Jr. as Wabi
  • Robert Frazer as Jules LaRocque
  • Iris Lancaster as Marie LaFleur
  • James A. Marcus as Felice's uncle
  • Eddie Parker as Ryan, the Mountie
  • Earl Dwire as Henchman Benoit

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