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The Swan


The Swan (1925) is a silent film produced by Famous Players-Lasky and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Production background
The film is based on Melville Baker's 1923 Broadway play adaptation, The Swan, of Ferenc Molnar's play A Hattyu Vigjatek Harom Felvonasbarn.

This film was directed by Dimitri Buchowetzki, a recent Russian immigrant working for Famous Players-Lasky. Buchowetzki had directed pictures in Russia, Sweden, and Germany. The story of this film was remade in 1930 as One Romantic Night, an early talkie for Lillian Gish, and in Technicolor as a 1956 vehicle for Grace Kelly.

Frances Howard - Alexandra, The Swan
Adolphe Menjou - Albert von Kersten-Rodenfels
Ricardo Cortez - Dr. Walter, the Tutor
Ida Waterman - Princess Beatrice
Helen Lindroth - Amphirosa
Helen Lee Worthing - Wanda von Gluck
Joseph Depew - Prince George
George Walcott - Prince Arsene
Michael Visaroff - Father Hyacinth
Michael Vavitch - Colonel Wunderlich (as Mikhael Vavitch)
Nicholas Soussanin - Lutzow
Arthur Donaldson - Franz, the Court Chamberlain
General Lodijensky - Master of the Hunt
Clare Eames - Princess Dominica

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