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The Soilers


A miner's treasure is falsely claimed by the corrupt local sheriff and the miner must fight to get it back.

The Soilers is a 1923 American silent film comedy film starring Stan Laurel,< name="silentera"></> and was released in the same year as the Western (genre) silent movie drama The Spoilers (1923 film). The name of one character from the original, "McNamara", may have a parody in the name of the James Finlayson character.


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  • Stan Laurel - Bob Canister
  • Ena Gregory - The girl
  • Mae Laurel - Woman in saloon
  • Jimmy Finlayson - Smacknamara
  • Billy Engle - Prospector
  • Eddie Baker (actor) - Prospector
  • George Rowe - Man in saloon
  • Jack Ackroyd - Henchman
  • Jack Gavin - Prospector
  • Marvin Loback - Henchman
  • Sammy Brooks
  • Al Forbes
  • Katherine Grant
  • John B. O'Brien
  • "Tonnage" Martin Wolfkeil

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