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The Road to Ruin



Mothers, warn your daughters! A young party girl gets involved with booze, drugs and men, and gets pregnant, with disastrous results.

Road to Ruin is a 1934 exploitation film directed by Dorothy Davenport, under the name "Mrs. Wallace Reid", and Melville Shyer, and written by Davenport with the uncredited contribution of the film's producer, Willis Kent. The film, which is in the public domain, is about a young girl whose life is ruined by sex and drugs.


  • Helen Foster (actress) as Ann Dixon
  • Nell O'Day as Eve Monroe
  • Glen Boles as Tommy
  • Robert Quirk as Ed
  • Paul Page (actor) as Ralph Bennett
  • Richard Hemingway as Brad
  • Virginia True Boardman as Martha Dixon
  • Richard Tucker (actor) as Mr. Dixon
  • Donald Kerr (actor) as Drunk shooting dice
  • Eleanor Thatcher as Dancer
  • Neal Pratt as Brad
  • Jimmy Tolson as Club Singer Jimmy
Director/writer Dorothy Davenport appears in the film in the role of "Mrs. Merrill."


The Road to Ruin is a sound re-make of a 1928 silent film of the same name, written and produced by Willis Kent and also starring Helen Foster.



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