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The Rag Man


The Rag Man is a 1925 American comedy drama film starring Jackie Coogan. The film was directed by Edward F. Cline, and written by Willard Mack.

Tim Kelly (Jackie Coogan) is a kid who runs away from an orphanage on the Lower East Side in New York after a fire breaks out. He ends up taking refuge with Max (Max Davidson), a lonely junk man who is down on his luck after being cheated out of a patent fortune by some unscrupulous lawyers. Little Kelly and Max form a partnership in the bottle and rag business, and eventually become close companions.

Jackie Coogan as Tim Kelly
Max Davidson as Max Ginsberg
Lydia Yeamans Titus as Mrs. Malloy
Robert Edeson as Mr. Bernard
Ethel Wales as Mrs. Bernard
William Conklin as Mr. Richard L. Scott

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