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The Nut


From IMDb: Eccentric inventor Charlie Jackson tries to interest wealthy investors in his girlfriend's plan to help children from poor neighborhoods. Stars: Marguerite De La Motte, William Lowery, Gerald Pring, Morris Hughes, Barbara La Marr, Sydney dé Grey, and Douglas Fairbanks

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The Nut is a 1921 American silent film film comedy directed by Theodore Reed.


Based upon a summary in a film publication,< name="FilmDaily"></> Charlie (Fairbanks) has a girlfriend Estrell (De La Motte) who has a theory that if rich people would take a number of poor children into their homes each day, the environment would cause the children to grow up properly. Since Estrell does not know any of these rich people, Charlie offers to arrange a meeting. However, Charlie thinks impostors will do as well as the real rich people, so first he hires some men who turn out to be burglars and gamblers. Then he tries using dummies, but Estell is not fooled and becomes indignant. A wealthy man working as a reporter goes to investigate a report of a man dragging a body which turns out to be Charlie moving a dummy, allowing Charlie to finally meet someone rich. Estell is satisfied and agrees to marry him.


  • Douglas Fairbanks as Charlie Jackson
  • Marguerite De La Motte as Estrell Wynn
  • William Lowery as Philip Feeney
  • Gerald Pring as Gentleman George
  • Morris Hughes as Pernelius Vanderbrook Jr
  • Barbara La Marr as Claudine Dupree
Frank Campeau, Jeanne Carpenter, Charles Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Charles Stevens (actor) appear uncredited.

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Douglas Fairbanks

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