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The Martyrs of the Alamo


First feature-length movie on the Alamo.

Martyrs of the Alamo (also known as The Birth of Texas) is a 1915 American Historical film War film written and directed by Christy Cabanne. The film is based on the historical novel of the same name by Theodosia Harris, and features an ensemble cast including Sam De Grasse, Douglas Fairbanks, Walter Long (actor) and Alfred Paget.< name="silentera"></>
While making claims to historical accuracy, the film depicts the Mexican population in San Antonio in 1836 as a group of ill-mannered drunks. One scene depicts a Mexican officer verbally assaulting a white woman and making advances on her. The white woman reports the incident to her husband who in turn shoots the Mexican officer. In his book Remembering the Alamo, author Richard R. Flores, argues that the negative portrayal of the Mexican population is due to racism toward Mexicans in 1915, the year the film was produced.<></> A copy of the film is preserved at the Library of Congress.< name="silentera" />


  • Sam De Grasse as Silent Smith
  • Allan Sears as David Crockett
  • Walter Long (actor) as Santa Anna (Comanche war chief)
  • Alfred Paget as James Bowie
  • Fred Burns (actor) as Captain Dickinson
  • John T. Dillon (actor) as William B. Travis
  • Douglas Fairbanks as Joe/Texan Soldier
  • Juanita Hansen as Old Soldier's Daughter
  • Ora Carew as Mrs. Dickinson
  • Tom Wilson (actor) as Sam Houston
  • Augustus Carney as Old Soldier
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