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The man who cheated himself


Shot on location in San Francisco and starring Lee J. Cobb, John Dall and Jane Wyatt, The man who cheated himself tells the story of a policeman who pushes the boundaries of the law by covering up a crime committed by his lover. He then finds himself assigned to investigate that very same crime, along with a new rookie partner who is determined to track down the culprit. The film is also available elsewhere on the archive, as a 2.2GB MPEG2 or on a 7.3GB ISO DVD image. The smaller file offered here is intended to make the film more accessible to people otherwise discouraged by larger versions. Both the XViD/AVI file offered here and the MPEG2 mentioned above seem derived from the exact same print and show the same artifacts, except for the fact that the XViD is a progressive (24fps) transfer while the MPEG2 is a telecined (30fps) transfer. Since the film wasn't well-preserved, the artifacts unfortunately include missing frames, white dots, blinking vertical lines and low crackling/scratching sounds. External links IMDB page American Film Institute entry Wikipedia page Noir of the Week review Under the hood VIDEO: XVID, 640x480, 12bpp, 23.976fps, 1093.5kbps AUDIO: MP3, 48000Hz, 2 channels, 16-bit, 128kbps Original copyright registration: THE MAN WHO CHEATED HIMSELF. Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp., 1950. 81 min., sd., b&w, 35mm. © Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.; 30Dec50; LP697. Copyright renewal registration: none

The Man Who Cheated Himself is a 1950 American crime film film noir directed by Felix E. Feist, and starring Lee J. Cobb, Jane Wyatt and John Dall.<>.</>


Wealthy socialite Lois Frazer, divorcing her fortune-hunter husband, Howard, finds a gun he's bought. She kills him with it in front of the new man in her life, Lt. Ed Cullen, a homicide detective with the San Francisco police. The twice-married Lois manages to manipulate Cullen into disposing of the murder weapon and moving the body. Cullen ends up investigating the case, assisted by kid brother Andy, who is new to the homicide division and delays his honeymoon to keep working on his first big case.
The gun is found and used in another killing by a young punk, Nito Capa, so all Cullen can think to do is try to pin both crimes on him. Andy Cullen keeps connecting Ed to the first murder, however, catching him in a number of lies. Ed ties and gags Andy and tells Lois they need to flee. Roadblocks seal off the city, but Andy has a hunch where Ed took the woman to hide, at Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge, and soon they are under arrest. Outside the courtroom, Ed overhears the amoral Lois offering to do anything for her lawyer if he can keep her from being convicted.


  • Lee J. Cobb as Lt. Edward Cullen
  • Jane Wyatt as Lois Frazer
  • John Dall as Andy Cullen
  • Harlan Warde as Howard Frazer
  • Tito Vuolo as Pietro Capa
  • Charles Arnt as Ernest Quimby
  • Marjorie Bennett as Muriel Quimby
  • Alan Wells as Nito Capa
  • Mimi Aguglia as Mrs. Capa
  • Bud Wolfe as Officer Blair
  • Morgan Farley as Rushton
  • Howard Negley as Detective Olson
  • William Gould (actor) as Doc Munson
  • Terry Frost as Detective
  • Mario Siletti as Machetti
  • Charles Victor as Attorney


=Critical response=

Film critic Dennis Schwartz gave the film a positive review, writing, "In an engaging film noir efficiently directed by Felix E. Feist ... The Man Who Cheated Himself is the perfect film for the beginning of the bland Dwight D. Eisenhower years."

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