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The Mad Whirl


The Mad Whirl is a 1925 American jazz age black-and-white silent drama film about the "loosening of youth morals" that took place during the 1920s. Written by Edward T. Lowe Jr. and Lewis Milestone, and directed by William A. Seiter for Universal Pictures, the film stars May McAvoy and Jack Mulhall. The film was released during the Prohibition era, when the sale of alcoholic drinks in the United States was banned.

Cathleen Gillis (May McAvoy) falls in love with Jack Herrington (Jack Mulhall). Martin Gillis (George Fawcett), Cathleen's loving father, is stern, very religious, and runs an ice cream shop. Cathleen is an obedient daughter and conservative in her views as well. Jack however, has a routine that includes wild parties hosted by his parents, Gladys and John (Myrtle Stedman and Alec B. Francis), who think it is better to be their son's friend by their providing bootleg whiskey and a place to have all-night parties. Jack's lifestyle places him at odds with Cathleen's, but he promises her that he will change his ways. He backslides several times, but in the end is reformed by Cathleen's love, and they elope. After the elopement, Gladys and John get a stern lecture on temperance and sobriety from Martin and reform their ways as well.

May McAvoy as Cathleen Gillis
Jack Mulhall as Jack Herrington
Myrtle Stedman as Gladys Herrington
Barbara Bedford as Margie Taylor
Alec B. Francis as John Herrington
Ward Crane as Benny Kingsley
George Fawcett as Martin Gillis
Marie Astaire as Julia Carling
Joseph Singleton as Spivens
With Betty Allen, Charles King, Ellison Manners, William H. O'Brien, Rolfe Sedan, and Grady Sutton.

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