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The Lucky Devil


Randy Farman, who demonstrates camping outfits in a department store, wins a racing car in a raffle and sets out for the West. He runs out of gas, loses all his money, and falls in love with a girl called Doris, who, accompanied by her aunt, is on her way to Nampa City to claim an inheritance.

Arriving at their destination, Doris and her aunt discover that the uncle, who sent for them, is locked up in an asylum, having invented the entire story of the bequest. Randy enters an exhibition fight with the champion boxer and stays long enough to win the entrance fee for an automobile race at the county fair. The sheriff has attached Randy's car for nonpayment of a hotel bill, and Randy must drive the entire race with the sheriff in the seat beside him. Randy wins the race, a substantial prize, and Doris' love.

Richard Dix as Randy Farnum
Esther Ralston as Doris McDee
Edna May Oliver as Mrs. McDee
Tom Findley as Franklyne Sr.
Anthony Jowitt as Rudolph Franklyne
Joseph Burke as the professor
Mary Foy as Mrs. Hunt
Edward "Gunboat" Smith as Sailor Sheldon
Charles Sellon as the Sheriff
Charles Hammond as Tobias Sedgmore
Charles McDonald as Tom Barrity
George Webb as "Frenchy" Roget
Jack La Rue as a Prizefight Attendant (uncredited)

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