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The Light of Western Stars


Easterner Madeline Hammond (Jo Ann Sayers) has decided to buy a cattle ranch not knowing that there is an ammunition smuggling ring operating off her land. When her workers who venture too close to the smugglers' hideout and begin getting shot at she must find a way to stop it. The only man that can help bring the corruption to an end is a drunk head named Gene Stewart (Victor Jory) who has been forced into exile after a brawl with the town sheriff (Tom Tyler) who is a leader of the smuggling operation. With the help of Gene's loyal friend Poco (Noah Beery Jr.) Madeline might be able to find Gene bring him back to the ranch and put an end to the smugglers once and for all.

The Light of Western Stars is a 1940 American film directed by Lesley Selander. The film is also known as Border Renegade (American alternative title).


  • Victor Jory as Gene Stewart
  • Jo Ann Sayers as Madeline "Majesty" Hammond
  • Russell Hayden as Alfred "Al" Hammond
  • Morris Ankrum as Nat Hayworth
  • Noah Beery Jr. as Poco - Stewart's Sidekick
  • J. Farrell MacDonald as Bill Stillwell - Rancher
  • Ruth Rogers as Florence "Flo" Kingsley - Al's Girl
  • Tom Tyler as Sheriff Tom Hawes
  • Rad Robinson as Monty - Stilwell Ranch Hand
  • Eddie Dean (singer) as Nels, Stillwell Hand
  • Esther Estrella as Bonita - Adobe Saloon Girl
  • Alan Ladd as Danny - Stillwell Ranch Hand
  • Georgia Ellis as Helen - Majesty's Boston Pal
  • Earl Askam as Sneed - Hawes' Deputy
  • Lucio Villegas as Justice of the Peace Don Manuel

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