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The Last Mile


Richard Walters (Howard Phillips) is condemned to death for a murder he claims not to have committed. He arrives on death row just before a brutal inmate leads the other convicts in a violent uprising. Walters gets caught up in the riot, while on the outside his friends are trying to find evidence of his innocence.

The Last Mile is a 1932 American film directed by Samuel Bischoff and starring Howard Phillips (actor) and Preston Foster.


The movie presents the life in a prison where men are on death row. Some of them are wrongfully accused and convicted, there is nothing else in their future but the electric chair.
Richard Walters is condemned to death for crime he claims he never committed. While the drama inside the prison unfolds, his friends on the outside are trying to find evidence that he is innocent.


  • Howard Phillips (actor) as Richard "Dick" Walters, Cell 5
  • Preston Foster as John "Killer" Mears, Cell 4
  • George E. Stone as Joe Berg, Cell 1
  • Noel Madison as D'Amoro, Cell 6
  • Alan Roscoe as Kirby, Cell 7
  • Paul Fix as Eddie Werner, Cell 8
  • Al Hill (actor) as Fred Mayer, Cell 3
  • Daniel L. Haynes as Sonny Jackson, Cell 2
  • Frank Sheridan as Warden Frank Lewis
  • Alec B. Francis as Father O'Connor
  • Edward Van Sloan as Rabbi
  • Louise Carter as Mrs. Walters
  • Ralph Theodore as Pat Callahan, Principal Keeper
  • Jack Kennedy (actor) as Mike O'Flaherty, Guard
  • Albert J. Smith as Drake, Guard
  • William Scott (actor) as Peddie, Guard
  • Kenneth MacDonald (American actor) as Harris, Guard
  • Walter Walker (actor) as Governor Blaine


A clip from this film was used by progressive rock band Rush as their intro to the song "Lock and Key" during its performance on the "Hold Your Fire" tour, later released on the "Show of Hands" laserdisc. (VHS version excluded the "Lock and Key" performance, as did the DVD years later.)
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