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This glitch-free print is sharper than the existing IA copy, and with a much smaller download file. A charming Christmas fantasy starring Jimmy Durante, with Terry Moore, Tom Drake and others in support. (The Great Rupert is a squirrel.) Directed by Irving Pichel Released in 1950 a.k.a. "A Christmas Wish" (colorized re-edit) Complete print

The Great Rupert, is a 1950 comedy film family film, produced by George Pal, directed by Irving Pichel and starring Jimmy Durante, Tom Drake and Terry Moore (actress). It is based on a story, written by Ted Allan, which has also been published as a children's book under the title "Willie the Squowse".


The story revolves around a little animated squirrel who, with lots of charm, accidentally helps two economically distressed families overcome their obstacles.


  • Jimmy Durante as Mr. Louie Amendola
  • Terry Moore (actress) as Rosalinda Amendola
  • Tom Drake as Peter 'Pete' Dingle
  • Frank Orth as Mr. Frank Dingle
  • Sara Haden as Mrs.Katie Dingle
  • Queenie Smith as Mrs. Amendola
  • Chick Chandler as Phil Davis
  • Jimmy Conlin as Joe Mahoney
  • Rupert, an animated squirrel
  • Hugh Sanders as Mulligan
  • Don Beddoe as Mr. Haggerty
  • Candy Candido as Molineri - Florist
  • Clancy Cooper as Police Lt. Saunders
  • Harold Goodwin (American actor) as Callahan - F.B.I. Man
  • Frank Cady as Mr. Taney - Tax Investigator


George Pal's stop-motion animation used in creating the illusion of a dancing squirrel (Rupert) was so realistic that he received many inquiries as to where he located a trained squirrel.
In 1999, Arnold Leibovit Entertainment re-released the film on DVD.
In 2003, 20th Century Fox and Legend Films revived the (now) public domain film with a Film colorization special edition of the film, under the title A Christmas Wish. For that release, Terry Moore provided an audio commentary track.

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