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The Great Alaskan Mystery


The Great Alaskan Mystery is a 1944 Universal film serial about government agents trying to stop Nazi spies from getting their hands on futuristic weapons.

James 'Jim' Hudson, an adventurer and accompanied by allies, goes after Nazi agents who have a new death ray called the Paratron...
Milburn Stone as Jim Hudson
Marjorie Weaver as Ruth Miller
Edgar Kennedy as Bosun Higgins
Samuel S. Hinds as Herman Brock
Martin Kosleck as Dr Hauss
Ralph Morgan as Dr Miller
Joseph Crehan as Bill Hudson
Fuzzy Knight as "Grit" Hartman
Harry Cording as Captain Greeder
Anthony Warde as Brandon
Critical reception[edit]
Cline considers this to be a mediocre serial but possessing a good cast and all the necessary "ingredients" of a good serial.[1]
Chapter titles
Shipwrecked Among Icebergs (18 min 03s)
Thundering Doom (18 min 56s)
Battle in the Clouds (17 min 02s)
Masked Murder (17 min 32s)
The Bridge of Disaster (17 min 46s)
Shattering Doom (16 min 34s)
Crashing Timbers (15 min 35s)
In a Flaming Plane (17 min 24s)
Hurtling Through Space (17 min 19s)
Tricked by a Booby Trap (17 min 04s)
The Tunnel of Terror (16 min 37s)
Electrocuted (33 min 42s)
The Boomerang (16 min 34s)
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