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The Death Kiss


Actor killed by a bullet while filming. Was it murder? Bela Lugosi has a small role.

The Death Kiss (1932) is a mystery film starring David Manners as a crusading studio writer, Adrienne Ames as an actress, Bela Lugosi as a studio manager, and Edward Van Sloan as a film director. The comedy thriller features three leading players from the previous year's Dracula (1931 English-language film) (Lugosi, Manners, and Van Sloan), and was the first film directed by Edwin L. Marin.
The movie was produced by KBS Productions at Tiffany Pictures and released by Sono Art-World Wide Pictures. The film is currently in the public domain and is widely available as a result.


The leading man is killed during the filming of the final scene of a motion picture. Since he was involved with several women on the set, they are all suspects. When leading lady Marcia Lane (Ames) is accused, her boyfriend, screenwriter Franklyn Drew (Manners), begins a search for the real killer.

Cast (in credits order)

  • David Manners as Franklyn Drew
  • Adrienne Ames as Marcia Lane
  • Bela Lugosi as Joseph Steiner
  • John Wray (actor) as Detective Lieutenant Sheehan
  • Vince Barnett as Officer Gulliver
  • Alexander Carr as Leon A. Grossmith
  • Edward Van Sloan as Tom Avery
  • Harold Minjir as Howell
  • Barbara Bedford (actress) as Script Girl
  • Al Hill (actor) as George - Assistant Director
  • Harold Waldridge as Charlie - Bellhop
  • Wade Boteler as Sergeant Owen Hilliker
  • Lee Moran as Todd - Publicist


  • The location of the studio in the film, "Tonart Studios", was actually the Tiffany Pictures studio.
  • At a preview of the film on December 5, 1932, the print shown had several scenes film tinting or hand colored by artist Gustav Brock.

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