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The Dawn Rider (1935)


John is injured in a shooting and becomes interested in the nurse caring for him. This cause problem with his friend who plans to marry her. Mystic Nights Videos

The Dawn Rider is a 1935 Western (genre) film starring John Wayne.
John Mason chases after his father's killer, an outlaw who remains elusive until he is tricked into revealing himself with a decoy gold shipment. To complicate matters, the killer is the brother of Alice, the woman with whom Mason has fallen in love. Alice begs Mason not seek vengeance, but a showdown is inevitable. A remake of this film in 2012 cast Christian Slater in the role of John Mason.


  • John Wayne as John Mason
  • Marion Burns as Alice Gordon
  • Dennis Moore (actor) as Rudd Gordon
  • Reed Howes as Ben McClure
  • Joseph De Grasse as Dad Mason
  • Yakima Canutt as Saloon Owner
  • Earl Dwire as Pete (Expressman)
  • Nelson McDowell as Bates (Undertaker)

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