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The Blacksmith


Blacksmiths' assistant inadvertent clowning around in the shop, gets into fight with the smithy who is then arrested and placed in jail. In the meantime, the assistant tries to help several customers with devastating comedic consequences.


The Blacksmith is a 1922 American short film comedy film directed by and featuring Buster Keaton.< name="silentera"></> Buster plays assistant blacksmith to big Joe Roberts with predictable results.


  • Buster Keaton as Blacksmith's assistant
  • Joe Roberts as Blacksmith
  • Virginia Fox as Horsewoman

Alternate versions

In June 2013 Argentina film collector, curator and historian Fernando Martín Peña (who had previously unearthed the complete version of Metropolis (1927 film)) discovered an alternate version of this film, a sort of remake whose last reel differs completely from the previously known version. < name="pagina12"></> Film historians have since found evidence that the version of The Blacksmith Peña uncovered was a substantial reshoot undertaken months after completion of principal photography and a preview screening in New York. They now believe the rediscovered version was Keaton's final cut intended for wide distribution.< name="variety" />
Following Peña's discovery, a third version of the film, featuring at least one scene which doesn't occur in either of the other two, was found in the collection of former film distributor Blackhawk Films.< name="variety"></>

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