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Storm in a Teacup


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Storm in a Teacup is a 1937 Cinema of the United Kingdom romantic comedy film starring Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison in his first starring role,<></>< name=Schwartz></> Cecil Parker and Sara Allgood. It is based on the German play Sturm im Wasserglas by Bruno Frank, as well as the English-language adaptations: London's Storm in a Teacup and Broadway's Storm Over Patsy, both written by James Bridie.< name=Gazette></> A reporter writes an article that embarrasses a politician. Meanwhile, the newspaperman is also attracted to his target's daughter.

Plot summary


  • Vivien Leigh as Victoria Gow
  • Rex Harrison as Frank Burdon
  • Cecil Parker as Provost (civil) William Gow
  • Sara Allgood as Honoria Hegarty
  • Ursula Jeans as Lisbet Skirving
  • Gus McNaughton as Horace Skirving
  • Edgar K. Bruce as McKellar (as Edgar Bruce)
  • Robert Hale as Lord Skerryvore
  • Quentin McPhearson as Baillie Callender (as Quinton Macpherson)
  • Arthur Wontner as Procurator Fiscal
  • Eliot Makeham as Sheriff
  • George Pughe as Menzies
  • Arthur Seaton as Police Sergeant
  • Cecil Mannering as Police Constable
  • Ivor Barnard as Watkins


At the time of the film's initial release, reviews were favourable. In The New York Times, Frank S. Nugent called it "an engaging miniature" and "a splendid comic brew".< name=NYT></> The critic for The Gazette (Montreal) wrote, "the excellent story is done fullest justice by the directors, Victor Saville and Dalrymple, and by the large and often-brilliant cast."< name=Gazette/> The critic for Boys' Life called it "a riot of fun for the audience."< name="Boys' Life"></>
The number of favourable reviews grew over time. Leonard Maltin rated this movie three out of four stars and called it "witty social comedy."< name=Maltin></> The book Guide to British Cinema considered this film as one of Victor Saville's "well-crafted, genre films" and "the breezy Rex Harrison&#x2013;Vivien Leigh social comedy."< name=Mayer></> The book British Film Directors: A Critical Guide called it "a whimsical comedy with anti-fascist undercurrents."< name=Shail></> The book A Chorus of Raspberries: British Film Comedy 1929–1939 considered this film "one of the best British comedies of the decade."< name=Sutton></>
However, some reviews were either mixed or not positive. Dennis Schwartz of Ozus' World Movie Reviews, while he liked the performances of both Leigh and Harrison, considered the story "so incredibly naive that it doesn't travel well into modern times."


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