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Stock Footage - Myakka Park - Lunatic Driver


This is Clip 9 from the Thirty-sixth Archive release of our stock footage. This is a series of time lapse video clips with different audio soundtracks. You would have to be a lunatic to drive this fast, hence the name. This was taped At Myakka River State Park in Florida. Despite the appearance, no speed laws were broken to create this material. This clip is from my personal collection. I have tried to organize these clips with titles and countdowns so they are easier to use. COMMENT: I am releasing these Stock footage Clips for free so that editors who can't afford footage will have access. Please don't try to just sell this footage as stock footage. You must use the material in some creative way to possess any rights to it. It would be nice if you give credit to Ivan Bridgewater and the Internet Archive too. These are my only copyright requests. Otherwise, the footage is all yours. Please feel free to contact me using the contact information shown if you have any questions. AVI FILE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST: The AVI file for this clip is available upon request for those who want it and have a fast enough internet connection to download it. You can request the AVI file by asking for it in a review of the file, or by going to the Stock Footage Forum and requesting the AVI. If you use the Forum please note the release number and clip number with the request. Once the AVI is uploaded you can then access this DV AVI file by going to the cinepack button. Suggested Uses: School presentations, Creating a Childrens Video, Video Backgrounds

Ivan Bridgewater

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