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Stamp Day For Superman


The Superman production company donated this special 18 minute episode to the US Treasury to help promote school stamp day savings plans to children. This is the only episode of the series that has entered the public domain. It features all of the hallmarks that made the original 1950s Superman series so memorable.

Stamp Day for Superman is a 1954 black-and-white short film starring George Reeves as Superman and Noel Neill as Lois Lane. It was produced by DC Comics for the United States Department of the Treasury to promote the purchase of United States Treasury security#U.S. Savings Bonds. Never shown theatrically, it was distributed to schools as a means of educating children about the program.
Due to its nature as a government film, Stamp Day for Superman is in the public domain and can often be found on inexpensive DVD sets. Warner Bros. also released the film as part of the Adventures of Superman (TV series) Season 2 DVD set.


When Lois and Clark come upon a robbery whilst shopping, Superman apprehends the burglar, who claims to have to steal because he never bothered to save his money.


  • George Reeves as Clark Kent/Superman
  • Noel Neill as Lois Lane
  • Jack Larson as Jimmy Olsen
  • Tris Coffin as Principal Garwood
  • Billy Nelson (actor) as Blinky


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