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Springtime In The Sierras (1947)


Female outlaw Jean Loring (Stephanie Bachelor) and her gang are killing wild game out of season. PD - No Copyright renewal

Springtime in the Sierras is a List of American films of 1947 United States film directed by William Witney and starring Roy Rogers.

Plot summary


  • Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers
  • Trigger as Trigger, Roy's Horse
  • Jane Frazee as Taffy Baker
  • Andy Devine as Cookie Bullfincher
  • Stephanie Bachelor as Jean Loring
  • Harold Landon as Bert Baker
  • Harry Cheshire as Cap Foster
  • Roy Barcroft as Matt Wilkes
  • Chester Conklin Old Timer
  • Hank Patterson Old Timer
  • Whitey Christy as Henchman
  • Pascale Perry as Henchman
  • Bob Nolan as Musician
  • Sons of the Pioneers as Musicians, ranch hands


  • Roy Rogers, Jane Frazee and the Sons of the Pioneers - "Springtime in the Sierras" (Written by Jack Elliott (composer))
  • Roy Rogers and Andy Devine - "Oh, What a Picture" (Written by Jack Elliott)
  • Roy Rogers and Jane Frazee - "Pedro from Acapulco" (Written by Jack Elliott)
  • Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers - "A Cowboy Has to Sing" (Written by Bob Nolan)
  • Andy Devine and the Sons of the Pioneers - "What Are We Gonna Do Then?" (Written by Tim Spencer (singer))
  • Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers - "The Quilting Party (When I Saw Sweet Nellie Home)" (1859) (Lyrics by John Fletcher (playwright), music by Frances Kyle)


June 26, 2011 Film Chest released Springtime in the Sierras, rarely ever seen in color, restored from the original, rare, 16mm archive print and digitally re-mastered presented in full frame with an aspect ratio of 4 x 3 and mono sound. Bonus feature: The Chevy Show Easter special (April 2, 1961) featuring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans with special guests Charley Weaver, Eddie Arnold, George Maharis, and The Limeliters.

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