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RAGGEDY ROSE Hal Roach-Pathe 3 reels, rel. Nov. 7, 1926 dir. Richard Wallace in collaboration with Stan Laurel, Photography by Floyd Jackman and Jack Roach, Edited by Richard Currier, Titles by H. M. Walker cast: Mabel Normand, Carl Miller, Max Davidson, James Finlayson, Anita Garvin, Laura Lavarnie Location: Roach studio, Los Angeles copyright: Oct. 26, 1926

Raggedy Rose is a 1926 film American Silent film comedy film starring Mabel Normand. The film was co-written by Stan Laurel, and directed by Richard Wallace (director).


  • Mabel Normand as Raggedy Rose
  • Carl Miller (actor) as Ted Tudor
  • Max Davidson as Moe Ginsberg
  • James Finlayson (actor) as Simpson Sniffle
  • Anita Garvin as Janice
  • Laura La Varnie as her mother
  • Jerry Mandy as the chauffeur

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