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Phantom of the Air (1933) - Tom Tyler - 12 Chapter Movie Serial

Phantom of the Air (1933) - Tom Tyler - 12 Chapter Movie Serial from Universal Pictures Inventor John Edmunds (William Desmond) is working on a device called the Contragrav, a machine that defies gravity and can enable a plane to fly without a pilot. He and his daughter Mary (Gloria Dea) enlist the help of airborne Border Patrol captain Bob Raymond (Tom Tyler) as a test pilot to help them complete Edmunds' work on the Contragrav. However, airborne importer (and secret smuggler) Mort Crome (LeRoy Mason) has got wind of the Contragrav, and will stop at nothing to get it. For the rest of the serial, Captain Raymond defends Edmunds and his daughter from Crome's henchmen while trying to curtail their smuggling activities. There are lots of dogfights - some involving Edmunds' marvelous remote-controlled plane, the Phantom of the Air - before Crome and his gang are finally brought to justice.


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