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Parole Inc


"Low budget exposé thriller of corruption being uncovered in the parole system." - Spencer Selby, Dark City: The Film Noir | You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

Parole, Inc. is a 1948 American film directed by Alfred Zeisler and featuring Michael O'Shea (actor), Turhan Bey, Evelyn Ankers and Virginia Lee.<>.</>


The film opens with a scene of FBI agent Richard Hendricks (Michael O'Shea (actor)) bedridden in a hospital bed, dictating the results of his investigation for a report to the California Governor. The dictation scenes are interrupted by long Flashback (narrative) scenes showing how the investigation proceeded.
After a number of paroles granted to dangerous career criminals, the California Governor and State Attorney General suspected corruption in the state parole board. They called upon Hendricks to investigate and expose those involved. Hendricks decided to go undercover as an ex-convict wanting to buy a parole for a criminal partner currently in jail. He then proceeded to infiltrate the social circle of another recent parolee of dubious character, Harry Palmer, and ask him how to purchase a parole. However, the people operating the parole purchase ring were quite secretive and ready to take extreme measures to prevent their exposure.


  • Michael O'Shea (actor) as Richard Hendricks
  • Turhan Bey as Barney Rodescu
  • Evelyn Ankers as Jojo Dumont
  • Virginia Lee as Glenda Palmer
  • Charles Bradstreet as Harry Palmer
  • Lyle Talbot as Police Commissioner Hughes
  • Michael Whalen (actor) as Kid Redmond
  • Charles Williams as Titus Jones
  • James Cardwell as Duke Vigili
  • Paul Bryar as Charley Newton
  • Noel Cravat as Blackie Olson
  • Charles Jordan as Monty Cooper


=Critical response=

Film critic Dennis Schwartz panned the film, writing, "Alfred Zeisler (Fear) directs this uninteresting undercover police drama ... The story for this low-budget B-film from Eagle Lion studios is just about as far-fetched and ludicrous as the acting. It also lacked suspense, any surprises and the production values were shoddy. The only good thing is that it moves along at a fast clip and is over in a flash."

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