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Mountain Fog (Free to Use HD Stock Video Footage)

This clip was taken early in the morning in a very mountainous area of New York State. I was actually visiting my extended family, not really looking to get any footage. The area was beautiful and I only had one 16GB memory card on me that had the Magic Lantern Firmware. This meant that I only could come home with one time lapse (lesson learned!). This was, I think my 6th attempt at something. The previous day, I had captured a couple of cloud formations that I thought were nice. Each time I deleted the contents of the card to capture something "better". The next morning I woke to the mountainside covered in fog. So ... I deleted the previous day's time lapse and took a risk. While I feel it turned out great considering it was shot off of the front porch of my grandmother-in-law's house, I do feel the deep focal length hurt the shot a bit. The shot was composed between two foreground pine trees on each side of the lens, a home across the street below and power lines in the foreground above. This far in, it created much more motion that I had hoped for in the shot considering how the background is not established for long.

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