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Midnight Manhunt


Reporter Sue Gallagher (Ann Savage from Detour) finds an infamous gangster's corpse in a wax museum. Her desire for a scoop is hindered by a meddling rival (William Gargan), the museum's goofy maintenance man (Leo Gorcey), and the ruthless killer (B-horror king George Zucco).

Midnight Manhunt is a 1945 in film crime film mystery directed by William C. Thomas and written by David Lang (screenwriter). The film premiered on July 24, 1945 and is in the public domain.
The film stars William Gargan, Ann Savage (actress), Leo Gorcey and George Zucco.

Plot summary

Midnight Manhunt begins with the shooting death of a master criminal who expires in a wax museum. Reporter Sue Gallagher (Ann Savage (actress)) is first on the scene, but she is soon in competition with her boyfriend, fellow reporter Pete Willis (William Gargan). The killer traps Sue in the wax museum when he returns there looking for the body. Leo Gorcey plays the caretaker of the wax museum.


  • William Gargan ... Pete Willis
  • Ann Savage (actress) ... Sue Gallagher
  • Leo Gorcey ... Clutch Tracy
  • George Zucco ... Jelke
  • Paul Hurst (actor) ... Murphy
  • Don Beddoe ... Det. Lt. Max Hurley
  • Charles Halton... Henry Miggs
  • George E. Stone ... Joe Wells

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